Cleanroom Solutions

products and solutions for cleanrooms

Laser Particle Counter

We offer customized cleanroom solutions as e. g. systems with laminar Unidirectional-Flow-Systems, clean air-conditioned working places and zones, and soft-wall systems. Service, consulting, cleanroom trainings, analysis, and optimizations of your cleanroom make us strong partner.

For the controlling of your cleanrooms, we offer the relevant particle measuring systems, as well as we offer monitoring systems for the constant controlling – and in the field of medical and pharmaceutical techniques also in order to proof the evidence with Annex 1 of EU GMP

Systems with : -

  1. Laminar Unidirectional-Flow-Systems

  2. Clean air-conditioned working places and zones

  3. Soft-wall systems

  4. Mini-environments

  5. Customized clean room solutions

Laminar-flow work-bench