• Electron source products integrated as neutralizers

– Neutralization of ion beams

• gridded ion sources, End-Hall sources, anode layer sources

– Ionization in plasma generation

• End-Hall sources, gridded ion sources

– Charge neutrality in positive biased analytical instrumentation

– Enhanced electron flux in magnetron sputtering

• Hollow Cathode Electron Sources

– SHC 1000, MHC 1000 or LHC 1000

• LFN Electron Sources

– LFN 2000 : suited to applications where lower emission currents are advantageous.

Good fit in high throughput load-lock platforms where infrequent chamber venting demands reliable and low maintenance electron sources.

• Filament Electron Sources

– A simple, low cost cathode and neutralizer.

– The filament is a metal construction which is heated to a high temperature, resulting in thermionic emission. When in the vicinity of an ion beam, the electrons will couple to the beam, resulting in charge neutralization.