•eH200 :

– most compact and cost effective model

– for smaller and economic vacuum systems

• eH400

– to provide high ion current to small and middle sized vacuum systems

– the eH400 has been popular in-situ preclean and low energy etching.

• eH1000

– workhorse ion source for in-situ preclean and ion assisted deposition.

– eH1000 uniformly covers large substrate areas.

• eH2000

– more powerful version of the eH1000(higher output).

• eH3000

– largest and most powerful of the eH products.

– for high power applications and high throughput production systems

• eH Linear

– for a linear ion beam application.

– inear array: aligning the eH400 sources(up to approximately 1 meter)

– the technology minimizes equipment requirements, resulting in a cost effective, high current, low energy ion beam source available for web coating, in-line deposition, and cylindrical rotary sputtering systems.