Broad beam ion and plasma products used in vacuum based process tools which interact with material at atomic level. Typical material processes include the precision deposition of thin films; remote plasma etching of the patterned wafer and nanometer–scale modification of the surfaces

• Applications under vacuum processes:

– Ion beam assisted deposition in thermal & e-beam evaporation (IBAD)

• Ion beam assisted deposition in magnetron sputtering (IBAD)

– In-situ preclean in sputtering & evaporation (PC)

– Surface modification and activation (SM)

– Direct deposition of thin hard or functional coatings (DD)

– Low energy ion beam etching (LIBE)

– Biased target ion beam sputter deposition (BTIBSD)

Products : -

– The eH products output a high current and a low energy beam.

• high current : meets specifications for high process rates.

• low energy beam : eliminates damage to surfaces and interfaces.

– The RFICP products produce a high density discharge without the use of filaments

• beam extracted from the discharge is precisely controlled to provide a defined shape, current density and ion energy.

– KDC products are enhanced designs

• Traditional ion beam processing is available with the high quality and the stable beams.

– These electron sources are low energy and high current sources.

– applied as neutralizers or cathodes in the controlled production of ion and plasma beams.